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As a therapist in NW Indiana who works with foster and adoptive families, I am very aware of the lack of residential facilities for children and adolescents in our state.  We do not LACK facilities, but do have a deficit of places that seem to go beyond CBT.  Is anyone, in Indiana, aware of a placement in our state that believes that children who come into placement have had experiences that have affected their developing brains and need help in learning to regulate themselves?  And they cannot regulate when they are handled by staff who are unprepared for out of control behaviors that are NOT fixed by simply having positive reinforcements when anything positive they have had, has been taken from them (read bio family, innumerable foster placements, disrupted adoptions).  And though you can substantially reduce such behaviors by medications and more medications, it does NOT fix the overriding reason for the behavior...ACEs.  

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Hi Elaine,

Thank you for your post.  I couldn't agree with you more in your keen distinction regarding a dearth of resources versus a dearth of diversified resources that meet the needs of traumatized people.  CBT, behaviorism, and psychiatry have "ruled" and defined the clinical domain for far too long.  

I am unaware of resources in Indiana per se.  However, a little while back there was an outfit know as the Calo programs that looked very promising. Not sure if they are yet insurance supported, but I think they are worth checking out.

Also, full disclosure - I am a self-proclaimed Steven Porges groupie and I have just directed an IEP team I consult with to train and use his safe and sound protocol with a reactive student that has experienced acute and developmental trauma.  I cannot WAIT to see the results of that.

The premise is that it works on the tone of the muscles responsible for controlling the middle ear.  Individuals that have experienced developmental trauma often have a weakness in this area and are more inclined to pick up on sounds in their environment associated with predatory noises - thus triggering fight, flight, and freeze reactions.  It's very cutting edge intervention but I love that it gets to the physiological root of reactivity.  I think something worth exploring...

Best of luck and hang in there!  I love seeing others pushing for the same change I wish to see in the world.



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