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I have used this exercise for years when training. It works with all groups. Only thing, it can take up to 2 hours to do.

I break the group up into six different work groups. I assign each group one of the six SAMHSA TIC principles: Safety, Trustworthiness/transparency, etc. I tell each group they are to brainstorm what that assigned value should look like, feel like, sound like. No wrong responses! They are to consider the parallel process, pay attention to what they are already doing that aligns with that value.

After they brainstorm, they are instructed to decide on how they are going to teach that value to their peers during the share out with the large group: a skit, role play, create a poster (I bring flip chart paper and markers for this). Then they take turns presenting.

The group has fun with this. This exercise gets them thinking about TIC issues and how they apply to their work. It prompts questions and deliverables they can take back and continue the conversation. Plus, this exercise puts the training in their hands as they are the experts of their workspace. It uses TIC values like collaboration, safety, peer, etc.

These are a fantastic way to enhance collaboration and learning. Whether you're in a classroom, a corporate setting, or even a community workshop, these activities can foster teamwork, problem-solving, and effective communication.

Speaking of teamwork, it reminds me of the incredible collaboration behind projects like the Water Treatment Solutions in Two Hills, AB. Just like in small-group exercises, teams work together to address complex challenges and find innovative solutions. It's impressive to see how dedicated professionals can make such a positive impact on their community's well-being.

So, whether you're engaging in small-group exercises for personal or professional development or if you're interested in learning more about impactful community initiatives like Water Treatment Solutions in Two Hills, AB, teamwork truly makes a difference!

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