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Hello everyone, we have two partial scholarships available for our upcoming September Trauma Responsive Mind Body Wellness Training Program and Certification.

Do you want to experience

👉Deep calm

👉Decreased pain

👉Improved mood

👉Deeper sleep

👉Lower blood pressure

👉Reduced anxiety

👉Stronger vagal tone

👉More Energy

If you are a coach, wellness practitioner, therapist, yoga teacher, social worker nurse or other helping professional we invite you to expand your ability to support yourself and others.
Our program uses a theoretical and empirically grounded approach, based on the body of trauma, somatic experiencing and somatic movement to support the effective and safe provision of trauma informed practice, somatic healing and SEL to potentially vulnerable populations.
The RfR Method builds upon an evidence-informed neurosomatic model, adapted from the clinical and neuro-scientific research of Dr. Bruce Perry, Daniel Siegal, Dr. Richard Schwarz, Dr. Peter Levine, Diana Fosha and Catherine Cook-Cottone to empower individuals with the tools and practice for embodied self-regulation.
TRMBW is the embodiment of connecting people to the social emotional learning skills (SEL) and practices needed to respond to toxic stress and overcome difficult life circumstances, so individuals can live with self-efficacy and increase self-regulation – body, mind and spirit.
This  revolutionary program utilizes a combination of psycho-educational tools, therapeutic interventions, and evidence-based self-regulation techniques to restore mind-body wellness; including the principles of yoga, energy, Jungian and positive psychology along with ~ trauma informed SEL, mindfulness based stress reduction, breathwork and how to apply them in their practice.
TRMBW is the roadmap that will empower you and your clients to become resilient in the face of adversity, so that together we can begin the process of healing within our communities. This is not your typical trauma informed  training program.
We are a recognized training provider with the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists in somatic healing.

If you are interested in learning more about the program and in applying for a parital scholarship; please reach out to Amanda at


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