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Does anyone know of any law enforcement and attorneys who actively engage ACEs and trauma-informed care in their work?

I ask because a friend of mine who has a 13-year-old son, was involved in an incident back in April.  Her son was walking his dog near a park in their community, and was confronted by an adult male resident who insisted that the dog was a threat to him and his dog.  The kid said that his dog was quiet and not even barking at this individual. The man then decided to just take out a gun and shook the dog while the kid was holding the dog’s  leash and blood splattered all over the kid.  The poor kid ran off screaming while dragging his dead dog across the park trying to get home.

My friend has been trying to get help to hold this man responsible because of the unjust murder of the family dog, the extreme trauma it has caused her 13-year-old son and her other younger children who happen to have been observing the incident nearby and the risk this individual took who might have slipped and inadvertently shot the child.  Both the police (they are giving her a hard time just trying to get the police report) and several attorneys have turned her down and told her they couldn’t help her.

I’m trying to gather information for her supporting the impact of this wrongdoing on this child, her family and to seek guidance from those in the field of law enforcement/legal community. We hope to find honest individuals who will be willing to help seek justice for this family.

If there is anyone out there who can offer guidance to position the family in the right direction, please advise.

Thank you.

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Hello Luana,

A friend of mine is an animal law attorney and has said she would be happy to speak with you.

From Claudine Wilkins in Atlanta, GA.
“Happy to try and help. Give them my contact 770-356-9770 and ”

I am so sorry for this child's trauma and that of the entire family. This is a horrific situation. I hope Claudine can help or refer you to someone who can.


Carey Sipp

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