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Last Call for this year's Trauma Responsive Mind Body Wellness "Somatic Healing Teacher Training! Learn the tools and trauma informed practices for embodied self-regulation.

Course starts this Thursday night and we have two half off scholarships available and offer generous 6 month payment plans. If this offer isn't within your financial means, we are happy to discuss your situation and ask our board if we can allow a larger scholarship, in some cases we have given up to 80 % off.

Apply today!

If you are a coach, wellness practitioner, therapist, yoga teacher, social worker, emergency responder, nurse or other helping professional, we invite you to expand your ability to support yourself and others.

You will learn the RfR Method, an evidence-informed neurosomatic model, adapted from the clinical and neuro-scientific research of Dr. Bruce Perry, Daniel Siegal, Dr. Richard Schwarz, Dr. Peter Levine, Diana Fosha and Catherine Cook-Cottone for connecting people to the social emotional learning skills (SEL) and practices needed to respond to toxic stress and overcome difficult life circumstances, so individuals can live with self-efficacy and increase self-regulation – body, mind and spirit.

We are a recognized training provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists in somatic healing.

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