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Hi Steve,

I have to look further into this myself, but Felix Adler of the New York Society for Ethical Culture started the Child Study Association in 1888, and was responsible for utilizing science while establishing the first social services in New York. He also participated in the National Child Labor Commission in 1904 to raise the legal age for working. Adler also wrote on punishment and moral instruction of children, all available online.

I’m also aware of the brilliant freethinker WEB DuBois who wrote about child development. These two have been very influential for me, regarding their contributions to evidence-based foundations making way for trauma informed care for children. Jas

The sources mentioned above are great.
One thing to consider is whether you're interested in the history of "trauma science" or primarily the history of application of trauma science to healthcare and other social services as "Trauma Informed Care" - connected, but not the same.

Here is a recent article which includes an introductory section about the evolution of trauma science within Medicine:

Roadmap for Trauma-Informed Care in Medicine

The references of this paper include similar efforts in Nursing, Social Work, Psychology.

I have a treasure-trove of early SAMHSA material gleaned from a lot of internet searching.  It will take me a while to dig up, but you can email me @

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