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I received the following request from a community partner and thought I would see what this community has to say? If your community is collecting data on children exposed to violence, I would love your contact information. 

"Cities United has asked us to collect data by age, race & gender on the number of children exposed to violence.  In your travels have you come across any communities that are collecting this information?  If so, would you mind putting me in touch with them?"
With thanks,
Kate Reed
Drug-Free Communities Project Coordinator
Kankakee and Iroquois counties, IL
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Hi, Kate: Thanks for making this request. However, I think that limiting the question to data for children that have been exposed to violence doesn't capture the consequences of other types of ACEs, nor the actual impact of ACEs as they're passed on from generation to generation.

Although violence may lead to violence, being verbally abused leads to violence, being humiliated leads to violence, experiencing divorce leads to violence, so not asking about other ACEs will not capture the consequences of ACEs, including violence.

Here's an article that provides more information:

Violence is just one part of childhood trauma. So why are we focusing so much on childhood violence?

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