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Hi I’m a Clinical Social Worker seeing adult clients in a small private practice.
Can someone tell me who is involved in the research of ACEs and Adult disease or chronic illness? I know someone’s got to be.

Might they be willing to either converse by email or talk with me by phone?
thank you,

Esther Gilbert, LCSW

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Hi, Esther:  I've seen some research on ACEs and chronic illness on PubMed. I suggest going to  and clicking on advanced search and looking at "ACEs and chronic illness" as well as ACEs and the specific chronic illness you're interested in.

Hi, Esther. I'm a general internist who has been obsessed with ACEs and their effect on health, since I first became aware of ACEs science about four years ago. It became clear to me pretty quickly that ACEs aren't just a mental health issue, but rather that they are the root cause of most of the issues I see in the patients I serve. Then, on top of that, current stressors/trauma fan the flames of the chronic stress hormone dysregulation caused by the neurodevelopmental changes caused by early-life toxic stress. To me, the modern medical care model doesn't work well, and all too often actually re-traumatizes patients. We need to change the model, which would require we all become trauma informed. We (health care/doctors/administrators) are unfortunately a long, long way from this.

To answer your question, contrary to what logic is telling you, there is relatively little medical research being done. There is some, and Jane's advice in her response is as good a way as any to find studies. The pediatric world is studying this as much as any other discipline in medicine (including psychiatry), but that is of limited value for those of us who work with adults. PACEs Connection is great about finding articles pertaining to stress/trauma, though it's not often they find medical studies (again, in large part because there aren't many studies). I've recently become aware of the American Institute of Stress, as there website has good articles, but again, I haven't seen many studies. I'd be very interested if you come across any good resources.

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