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Welcome to Vermont PACEs Community!

This community is a place where people living and working in Vermont can come together to: help prevent traumatic events and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs); promote Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs); and create a healthier, happier community. This group is made strong by the involvement and active participation of all of us! Let's use this space to promote collaboration among community members seeking to prevent, protect against, and help families heal from the impact of trauma.

Blog Posts

Trauma-informed Design Evaluation Tool for K-12 Schools Is Here!

The Trauma-informed Design Society is pleased to announce the new TiDEvalK12 tool ! This tool is the first of its kind--an evidence-based tool to facilitate interior design renovations and new builds of K-12 schools! It can be used to evaluate the physical space and identify changes that can lower the stress levels of students and staff. The tool is grounded in the Substance and Mental Health Services Administrations' guidance for a trauma-informed approach, the Trauma-informed Design (TiD)...

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