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State profiles for 50 states and District of Columbia


Hi, Everyone:  We’ve made a first pass at gathering highlights of ACEs initiatives in each of the 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Within the text, below, are links to the individual posted profiles for each state. If you see corrections or want to make additions, we’d love that. Just add them in the comments section of that individual post. Instructions are at the top of each individual post.

We will be turning those posts into living profiles that, with your help and input, we’ll keep updating. If you have ideas about other categories we should add, please let us know. And we’ll also make sure that we keep the community informed about updates.

Once we have more of your input, we’ll provide information about how this process will unfold over the next two or three months.

You’ll also notice that, at the bottom of this post, all of PDFs of the profiles are attached. Feel free to download them and/or print them out.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Links to individual profile posts:

Alabama State Profile

Alaska State Profile

Arizona State Profile

Arkansas State Profile

California State Profile

Colorado State Profile

Connecticut State Profile

Delaware State Profile

Florida State Profile

Georgia State Profile

Hawaii State Profile

Idaho State Profile

Illinois State Profile

Indiana State Profile

Iowa State Profile

Kansas State Profile

Kentucky State Profile

Louisiana State Profile

Maine State Profile

Maryland State Profile

Massachusetts State Profile

Michigan State Profile

Minnesota State Profile

Mississippi State Profile

Missouri State Profile

Montana State Profile

Nebraska State Profile

Nevada State Profile

New Hampshire State Profile

New Jersey State Profile

New Mexico State Profile

New York State Profile

North Carolina State Profile

North Dakota State Profile

Ohio State Profile

Oklahoma State Profile

Oregon State Profile

Pennsylvania State Profile

Rhode Island State Profile

South Carolina State Profile

South Dakota State Profile

Tennessee State Profile

Texas State Profile

Utah State Profile

Vermont State Profile

Virginia State Profile

Washington State Profile

Washington, D.C. Profile

West Virginia State Profile

Wisconsin State Profile

Wyoming State Profile


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Rosemary Conder posted:

We are proud to announce Owensboro-Daviess County as the first in Kentucky to proclaim 2019 as the Year for ACES and Resilience Awareness!!

Hi Rosemary.  Sorry I missed this update when it came in.  Congratulations on the Owensboro-Daviess County proclamation.  Let me know what has been happening there and how you might have used the declaration to educate about ACEs and resilience.

Thanks to EVERYONE we spoke to, emailed and worked with who helped us co-create these amazing documents. It would have been impossible to do this without all of your help and information. THANK YOU!!!!!

We are so grateful and eager to hear more about all you are doing, anything we missed, all of your continued efforts and how we can share, celebrate and support this work.

Northeast Region Community Facilitator & Parenting with ACEs Community Mgr.

Cobscook Community Learning Center's  TREE Program is a collaborative educational initiative recently launched in far Downeast Maine. Partnering with students, teachers, families, and community members, the program seeks to create emotionally and socially supportive environments where all children can learn.

TREE ~Transforming Rural Experience in Education is based on the understanding that adversity, stress, and trauma are not just individual mental health issues, but also systemic, generational issues that are most effectively addressed by thoughtful, informed, and committed action on the part of all members of the community.

With research and design partners from The University of Maine and Colby College, the TREE approach draws on neuroscientific research and best practices in human development and education to address the barriers to healthy development and learning for students in high-poverty rural schools.

Specifically the TREE program supports schools in developing trauma informed frameworks. We seek to help educators understand what the ACE study means for the classroom. We know that children from families experiencing trauma don't leave their life circumstances at the classroom door. Stress follows them inside, and Adverse Childhood Experiences can make it hard for a child to show up with a "learning -ready" brain. We know that safe, stable, supportive relationships can often mitigate the consequences of ACEs. TREE supports schools in taking the journey to becoming trauma informed -resilience focused school environments.



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