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Resilient Santa Barbara County (CA)

We work collectively to educate our community about ACEs, resilience, and trauma-informed care. We exchange ideas, share opportunities and foster connections to transform lives through practical and community-centered solutions.

Blog Posts

Angels Foster Care: Reunification and Resiliency

We are grateful to be able to share this beautiful story of resilience, partnership, and the transformative strength of love. Please read on to learn about Angels Foster Care parents, Christine and Jacob, and the inspiring example they are setting for family preservation. Photo, from left to right: Angels Foster Care Parents, Christine and Jacob Tyler with their children; Angels child Sophia* with her father, Matthew* Credit: Kelsey Crews Photo Sophia’s* journey in life began with a...

Self-Healing Communities: A Lompoc Initiative for Community Resilience

A resilient community fosters a network of people and resources that can adapt, learn, and thrive in the face of challenges. Building such a community requires intention and effort. One example of such an effort is the Self-Healing Communities (SHC) project in Lompoc, a collaborative partnership between local government, nonprofits, and community members who share the responsibility and long-term commitment to its success.

Plans afoot to bring stability to PACEs Connection

To all of you, who, like me, love this website and want to see it and its communities flourish as we work to prevent and heal trauma; build resiliency: please know there is a move afoot by a small group of strategic partners to find a suitable host for PACEs Connection. More will be announced in the coming days. In the meantime, friends, we are figuring out email addresses and other communications logistics and opportunities. PEACE! Carey Sipp, former director of strategic partnerships ...

Message from our CEO, Ingrid Cockhren: PACEs is Sunsetting eff. April 26th

Hello partners, members, and friends, It is with mixed emotions that I am sharing that PACEs Connection will be sunsetting all operations effective Friday, April 26. While it saddens me to see this chapter of PACEs work come to a close, this work is too important to end, and efforts are underway to identify a new home for PACEs to continue its work. At the same time, this presents an exciting opportunity for PACEs to reemerge stronger than ever. Although we intended a seamless transition,...

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