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Assemblymember James Ramos with our students, families, and staff at Alta Vista Innovation High School in San Bernardino, CA.

Photo: (left to right) Assemblymember Ramos’ Staff, Anais Franco, Assistant Principal Sarah Sinopoli, Area Superintendent Janet Wilson, Chairman (former) Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians Dr. Anthony R. Pico, Assemblymember James Ramos, PACEs Science Statewide Facilitator Dana Brown, Chief External Affairs Officer Bob Morales, Community Liaison Stephani Congdon, and Regional College & Career Coordinator Cherie Padilla. Bob Morales invited Assemblymember James Ramos to visit with our...

California State Assembly honors Native American elders (Indian Country Today)

(Photo: David Monniaux, CC-BYSA 3.0 < licenses/by-sa/3.0/deed.en> via Wikimedia Commons) News Release California State University, San Bernardino California Assemblymember James Ramos honored tribal elders for working to preserve Native American culture such as language, and songs by teaching them to younger generations of Native Americans. Robert Levi Jr., Elder/Culture Bearer In-Residence saw his father, Robert Levi Sr., a Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indian,...

Trauma-Informed Criminal Justice with Special Guest, Becky Haas, Pioneer in Developing Trauma-Informed Judicial Initiatives

Please join us for our new series entitled: Trauma-Informed Criminal Justice. This monthly virtual Zoom series will feature conversations facilitated by Dr. Porter Jennings-McGarity, PhD/LCSW, PACEs Connection’s criminal justice consultant, with special guests to discuss the need for trauma-informed criminal justice system reform. Using a PACEs-science lens, this series will examine the relationship between trauma and the criminal justice system, what needs changing, and strategies being...


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