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We come from all different sectors, walks of life and parts of the United Kingdom to prevent ACEs, and to change systems to become self-healing and to stop traumatizing already traumatized people.

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ACES, Attachment and Culturally Competent Practice: Building healthier relationships and communities

Dear Colleagues & Friends, We are delighted to invite you to our next live webinar on Thursday 13th May . This online event will be an opportunity to learn about ACEs, attachment theory and cultural competence in action and hear from three passionate and inspiring practitioners who are committed to creating healthier relationships and communities and, ultimately, positive change . There will be opportunities to interact during the webinar. You can see the full programme here . For...

LAH Statement on the Report by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities

London ACEs Hub's Statement on the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities’ Report In the light of the official report on racial equality released by the UK Government on 31 March, we reiterate the London ACEs Hub ’s commitment to raising awareness of the adverse childhood experience of racism that results in individual and collective traumas and negatively impacts our society as a whole . We emphasise our Call to Action where we state our conviction that racism is a public health crisis...

Leicester mums share relief and fears as commissioner plans to 'rebuild childhood' after lockdown []

By Finvola Dunphy, Leicestershire Live, March 17, 2021 Leicester Mums in business express feelings of both relief and worry as their children return to school following coronavirus lockdown. Today, March 16, the new children's commissioner for England, Dame Rachel de Souza, plans to "rebuild childhood" after the disruption of Covid-19.

Unmasking ACEs and racial trauma as causes of health inequity: ways forward for primary care

Dear Colleagues & Friends, We are delighted to invite you to our second Racial Justice Open Conversation . This live webinar will provide participants with a unique opportunity to hear from two London GPs who are at the forefront of a movement to raise awareness of the impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and racial trauma in causing health inequity and in medical practice and education. Challenges and solutions will be addressed during the event, giving special emphasis to...

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