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Resentment: A Trigger for CPTSD and Dysregulation

Anna Runkle ·
What’s the difference between anger and resentment in Childhood PTSD? Is it really so wrong to be resentful? Isn’t there a risk of becoming a forgiving “doormat” if you lose the resentment you carry against those who wronged you? In this video I explain the everyday toxicity of resentful thoughts, and how to use my Daily Practice to release resentment and fear, and gain more clarity, and more power to make choices in life. You can learn my techniques for releasing fear and resentment, and...

Re: Resentment: A Trigger for CPTSD and Dysregulation

Laura Pinhey ·
The idea of resentments as a cluster of fears is a revelation to me. I also thought that somehow there was strength and power and protection in resentment, in the same way I used to think that about anger. Once I let go of that attitude toward anger, I was able to feel the sadness that was often at the core of the anger. I've found a lot more strength and power in allowing myself to feel sadness than I ever did in masking it behind anger. Sounds like it's time to explore doing the same with...
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