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Trauma-Informed Principles Rebooted

One of the biggest questions that Andi and I get whenever we talk about a trauma-informed approach is something along the lines of “Ok I get ACEs and toxic stress, but what can I do about it in my organization?” We get it–this approach can seem overwhelming because it is literally a lens through which you see everything. We often say that a trauma-informed approach is less about what you do and more about how you do it. So how in the world do we even begin the work of operationalizing our unders

Child USA shares urgent call to action; needs our help.

CHILD USAdvocacy continues working closely with survivors, legislators, and advocates on the ground to pass a child sex abuse revival window for civil claims. The Pennsylvania House and the Senate have passed different versions of window legislation. The House has passed HB2 , which is a legislative window, and HB1 , which is a window via constitutional amendment. The Senate passed SB1 , which bundled the window with two other unrelated constitutional amendments. We support a stand alone...

A Letter to Kyle

To mark the anniversary of the passage of the landmark legislation of the Georgia Mental Health Parity Act, we are sharing a letter written a year ago by Roland Behm, Co-founder of the Georgia Mental Health Policy Partnership, Board Member and Former Board Chair, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) Georgia Chapter. The letter is to his son, Kyle, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2010 as a junior in college and died by suicide in August 2019.


Convening individuals and groups who are working on trauma and arts

Dear Philly ACES, Hello hope you're well. I am interested in convening individuals and groups who are working on trauma and arts. For example on 2 or 3 times on zoom for 1 hour max so people can share what they're working on and what they may want to collaborate on. To leverage collaboration and avoid silos. Is this already occurring? If not, are you open to sharing it? I can offer to facilitate. Thanks, Aviva Perlo www.creativecoping.usRead More...

Community Education

Karen Hines
I am very interested in becoming actively involved in educating others on ACEs and or actively networking with others in this community. Is there anything in the works in the Philadelphia area?Read More...
Hannah Albery is a Headteacher in a school in England. She will be visiting Philadelphia in March with a colleague and they are interested in visiting schools that are using trauma-informed/trauma-responsive practices. They are hoping to plan visits on March 25th and 27th and would welcome any opportunity to learn about what folks are doing here in Philadelphia. Please let me know if you'd be interested in meeting with them. My email address is More...
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