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Child USA shares urgent call to action; needs our help.


CHILD USAdvocacy continues working closely with survivors, legislators, and advocates on the ground to pass a child sex abuse revival window for civil claims.  The Pennsylvania House and the Senate have passed different versions of window legislation. The House has passed HB2, which is a legislative window, and HB1, which is a window via constitutional amendment.  The Senate passed SB1, which bundled the window with two other unrelated constitutional amendments.  We support a stand alone window — preferably the legislative version — but we will also support the constitutional amendment if that is the vehicle.

During June, Governor Shapiro will be negotiating the Commonwealth's budget with both parties and houses.  IT'S TIME FOR PENNSYLVANIA TO HAVE A WINDOW.

To encourage these negotiations, we are asking Pennsylvania survivors, families, and citizens to reach out to your elected representatives and the Governor to express your ongoing, strong support for victims' access to justice by CALLING their offices on Thursday, JUNE 15, 2023, between 9am and 4pm.  We are aiming for the most unified and amplified messaging in the history of fighting for PA SOL reform since the start!!  We ask survivors and all fighting for them to reach out to your networks and let them know we need every possible person to make these calls.

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Find Your Legislator HERE
PA Window CALL-IN DAY Details HERE

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