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Continuum of Care Survey

In an effort to achieve the goals set forth by Called to Care and the Youth Master Plan, we are collecting information that will allow for a holistic and data-centric understanding of the landscape of services provided to young people and their caregivers throughout the Greater New Orleans area. As part of this effort, we have created the Continuum of Care survey that is designed to explore how the New Orleans community is positioned to deliver strategies aimed at creating healing-centered systems across sectors. Data from this survey will be used to uplift trauma-informed services currently available to young people and their caregivers, while also identifying gaps and barriers that can make service access challenging or unavailable.

What is the survey? This survey is an opportunity for individuals to highlight the work being done in our community and to help us identify gaps where, together, we could enhance services. With this data, we can also move forward with adopting universal assessment practices and tools to identify and respond to childhood trauma using youth affirming, culturally responsive, and evidence-based practices.

Who should complete the survey? Anyone in the community who provides services to young people (birth to 24) and their caregivers is encouraged to take the survey. These services can be formal or informal across education, legal, healthcare, recreation, employment, and other youth-serving sectors.

When and where can the results be viewed? The results of the survey will be presented at our the Called to Care: 2021 New Orleans Virtual Summit on October 26, 2021. The data collected from this survey will also be used to create a mapped directory of existing trauma-informed and healing-centered services across the greater New Orleans area.

How do I let others know about this survey? If you’d like to share the survey, simply click “Copy Link to Survey” in the right hand toolbar and send the link to people in your network. We would love your support in building out the most accurate view of our Continuum of Care as possible.

If there are any accessibility barriers to completing this survey or if you have any questions, please reach out to us directly at so we can accommodate anyone wishing to participate.

Organization name, contact person, and contact information?

Type of role in your organization? (Check all that apply)

Which of the following applies to your organization? (Check all that apply)

Which sector best describes your work? (Check all that apply)

What are the services your organization provides?

Please list all services and indicate the point of access for each service using the corresponding letter: prevention(P), intervention(I), crisis(C), aftercare(A), or other - explain

Of the services listed above, how many individuals can be served for each service you provide?

If your organization provides education and awareness services, what is your reach?

For example, how many participants do you reach per year?

What describes your organization’s level of care? (Check all that apply)

What ages does your organization serve? (Check all that apply)

Do you serve beyond Orleans Parish?

If you do serve beyond Orleans Parish, which areas do you serve?

If you only serve Orleans Parish, what are the boundaries of your geographical service coverage?

Does your organization accept private insurance?

Does your organization accept Medicaid?

Does your organization accept LaCHIP?

Does your organization offer a sliding fee scale for uninsured clients?

Can uninsured clients still access your organization's services?

Do you offer services for languages other than English? If yes, which languages? (Including ASL)

Are you currently accepting new clients?

If not, do you operate with a waitlist? If so, how long is your waitlist and how do you prioritize new clients?

Are there any criteria and/or restrictions to services?

For example, involvement with juvenile justice, age, requires a referral, or previous involvement in other levels of care.

Is your organization easily accessible using public transportation?

Do you have one location or multiple services location?

Please list your service locations.

During COVID-19, are your services being done in-person, via telehealth, or both?

What is your expectation for telehealth practices going forward? (Including beyond COVID-19)

Beyond funding, what other resources would help your organization better serve the community?

Please tell us about any additional information pertaining to your organization you’d like to share.

This is a transparent survey.
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