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7 Ways to Support Those in Need

1. Be patient, while allowing those in need to communicate following a tragic occurrence. When tragedy strikes, one may not be readily open to communicate . 2. Acknowledge how the individual looks and feels. Ask open ended questions when needed. 3. Provide support. Allow sufficient resources and assistance to be provided to individuals when needed. 4. Provide comfort in the form of physical touch (i.e. hug, gentle rub of the shoulder or hand within boundaries), to ensure the individual feels...

Simple Ways to Increase Focus

Attention span is of great importance when working with an ever-changing school and environment. With the constant change of policies, procedures, standards, and job duties, one has to continuously stay the course, while managing to juggle work and family life. I have provided a few simple ways to improve attention span. 1. Create a to-do list that includes a time line. Ensure that these tasks are within your means to complete. In other words, don’t place more on your plate than you can...

Plans afoot to bring stability to PACEs Connection

To all of you, who, like me, love this website and want to see it and its communities flourish as we work to prevent and heal trauma; build resiliency: please know there is a move afoot by a small group of strategic partners to find a suitable host for PACEs Connection. More will be announced in the coming days. In the meantime, friends, we are figuring out email addresses and other communications logistics and opportunities. PEACE! Carey Sipp, former director of strategic partnerships ...


Resilience is the art of giving thanks when less is more. It is seeing expectancy, when there seems like no end. It is simply staying true to what matters most; faith, respect, dignity, and persistence. Resilience is often displayed daily. Whether we have a small or large task to achieve. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. What will allow one to have the greatest hope and resiliency in any situation is to remain grounded. Never forget the solid principles that allowed you to navigate...

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