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Lipedema and Obesity

Lipedema is caused by an excess of adipose tissue typically in regions of the feet, buttocks, thighs, hips, stomach, and arms (Herbst, 2014). The disorder typically occurs in 11% of the population,  and is typically found in females rather than males (Herbst. 2014). Development of this condition can cause early onset of Diabetes. Lipedema occurs when the dermis and epidermis is made up of enlarged adipose cells that continue their growth beneath the skin. Lipedema develops in three stages: Stage 1 The dermis appears to be natural, but excess adipose cells continue their growth, Stage 2 Non-cancerous fatty tumors appear beneath the dermis which causes the appearance of the skin to have abrasions. Stage 3 Increased fat cells and fluid begin developing to create lymphedema (Herbst, 2014).

Treatment options for lymphedema include the following: (Herbst, 2014)

  1. Manual lymphatic drainage
  2. Anaerobic and aerobic exercise
  3. Prescription medications
  4. Lymphedema compression garments
  5. Nutritious diet
  6. Adequate water consumption

Herbst, K. (2014). Lipedema and obesity. What’s the link? Retrieved on June 16, 2024 from www. obesity

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