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Six New Communities Join PACEs Connection / July 2021


Please welcome these six new communities to the network!

Details about each of them are below as is information about starting and growing your community initiatives and joining the Cooperative of Communities.

LouisianaLouisiana First Foundation PACEs Connection : The Louisiana First Foundation began through First Lady Donna Edwards. The foundation’s mission is to support Louisiana’s children and spread awareness for causes such as Teach MAM (Music, Arts, Movement), Louisiana Fosters, and Anti Human Trafficking. The Foundation is excited to join a national network of advocates, community leaders, parents, teachers, and other caring contributors. Community Manager: @Molly Brown

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PACEs in East Africa and the Horn
In East Africa and the Horn, there is growing recognition that the needs of disadvantaged groups and communities have complex inter-related and intersections largely due to inequity. There is also recognition that these groups and communities have assets at the social and community level that can help improve key/basic needs like health and education and strengthen resilience to such issues. Community Managers: @Angi Yoder-Maina & @Linda Njeru

PACEsThailand-BannerPACEs Thailand : We are the Thailand national PACES community where we are educating people about PACES. Our goal is to provide a space for all community sectors to collaborate and build a trauma-informed nation, providing resources and support in both English and Thai to our members. Community Managers: @Heather Askew, @Helen Avadiar-Nimbalker, & @Ashley Lee.

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PACEs & Trauma Informed Community Malaysia
: We are coming together to build a network of individuals from all walks of life who are aware of ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) and the impact of trauma. This is a safe platform to learn, be heard and grow together as thriving trauma informed communities around Malaysia. Community Managers: @Helen Avadiar-Nimbalker & @Suzane Christie

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Project PACEs at PSS (NJ)
The goal of Project PACES at PSS is to raise awareness of and educate our community on Adverse Childhood Experiences, as well as provide supports to improve individual, family and community resiliency. Community Managers: @Leigh Anne Soroka & @Haley McCracken

NCTI-bannerTrauma Informed Health Care Education and Research (TIHCER) Collaborative : We are a multidisciplinary group of health professionals working to advance trauma-informed care across the continuum of practice through ground-breaking, transformative interprofessional education and research. We envision all health care professionals and health care systems being trauma-informed. Community Manager: @Ellen Goldstein

Interested in Starting a Community on PACEs Connection?

For questions about starting or growing an initiative, using our site and tools, please reach out to one of our regional community facilitators. Communities in:

For more information on mapping the movement, please go here where you'll find more about all of our PACEs Connection geographic communities, U.S. states that have done ACE surveys, ACEs and trauma-informed legislation, and more. Be sure to click on each tab to explore each community. The map is interactive and each dot includes a hyperlink and information about each initiative.

PACEs Connection founder, and PACEs Too High publisher, @Jane Stevens announced the Cooperative of Communities which offers "an additional layer of tools and guidelines, for PACEs initiatives that are more mature and ready to join the Cooperative as affiliates." More details can be found here and here in the video below.


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