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Survival Mode and Community|

I know for sure that we, Kenyans, have always lived in a constant survival mode. Things seem to get worse during the election years. Currently the cost of living is going up, so is inflation yet our salaries are not changing. Well, it is also only applicable to those who have jobs. Of course joblessness is one of the biggest challenge a majority of Kenyan youths struggle with daily. Our environment has always been more hostile especially around elections season. The biggest nightmare being...

Femicide in Kenya

Since 2019 there have been increasing cases of women being killed by men. In April this year two women athletes were killed by their respective lovers in their homes. This was shortly after they had won their respective races. Which begs the question: Is femicide a sign of resistance to change? These two women had won in their respective races. That translates to cash gifts, brand endorsements, and ability to lead fulfilling lives with minimal stress. The next logical question is whether the...

PACEs champion Rebeccah Ndung’u launches trauma-informed schools in Kenya

Growing up as the eldest daughter in a family of three girls and three boys in Nairobi, Kenya, Becky Ndung’u and all her siblings attended school, which is mandatory for children ages six through 14. Her parents—both farmers and her father also a lifelong government accountant—were committed to providing all their children a good education. Her education began in a public school, followed by a private high school. Our conversation was conducted in English, but Ndung’u is also fluent in her...

2021 in Trauma Awareness Review

2021 was a phenomenal year for me regarding growth and understanding of the trauma awareness field. A year of awakening. This post concerns the Kenyan community but I am sure it may resonate with some of you. I have been in the mental health field for many years now, but 2021 made me aware that I haven’t been practicing or deepening my knowledge as much as I could have. I could always understand that we all bring our baggage and emotional history to every room we enter, to every community we...

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