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August 2023

Program helps teens navigate education, parenthood (

(Spectrum News/ Zarina Khairzada) To read more of Zarina Khairzada's article, please click here. LOS ANGELES — Babies in the classroom? That’s a reality for parenting and pregnant students at Learn4Life’s Alta Vista Innovation High School in Inglewood, taking part in the Helping Our Parenting-students Excel (HOPE) Program . The program provides students with a safe space for parents to watch their children as they complete credits needed to graduate. It’s also common to see supervising...

Nurturing Beauty From the Inside Out (Learn4Life young ladies and Community Wrapround Mentor)

Four Learn4Life students enjoyed a wonderful experience of having facials with Community Wraparound’s Community Mentor, Christina Vargas, on August 24th, at Community Wraparound’s office in the Jacobs Center in San Diego, Facial supplies were provided and the youth laughed and giggled as they enjoyed the experience together. Angelina shared that her favorite part was meeting everyone and having a different space to hang out with girls. Amy was grateful to be invited to express her feelings,...

Safe Schools, Thriving Students: What We Know About Creating Safe and Supportive Schools (

To read more of Jennifer DePaoli and Jennifer McCombs ' article, please click here. DePaoli, J., & McCombs, J. (2023). Safe schools, thriving students: Evidence-based strategies for creating safe and supportive schools. Learning Policy Institute. A rise in the number of school shootings over time has driven increasing attention to school safety. However, school shootings are not the only physical safety threat students may encounter at school. Other types...

August COOP Meeting: Leverage the Latest Brain Science to Build Trust and Community Connections!

Our speaker for the August PACEs Connection Cooperative of Communities meeting will share ways of building community connections we may not have thought of before – starting with trust in the earliest and most important relationships – as well as some challenging news, exciting resources, and timely inspiration. Cooperative of Communities members and members of their communities are invited to join us tomorrow, August 8, 2023, at 10 a.m. PT, Noon CT, and 1 p.m. ET when we welcome Deborah...

Review of “First 60 Days” booklet: Leveraging author’s work and movement could spark revolution to prevent and heal trauma, one precious baby, child, and caregiver at a time.

(This is a review of what I believe is an important new resource for the PACEs [for positive and adverse childhood experiences] science movement. Opinions expressed are my own, and are shared as a parent, advocate, author, and longtime student of trauma, healing, and prevention. Thoughts are also shared through my lens as someone who believes, deeply, in the incredible importance of and value in building healthier, more compassionate communities to support and nurture pregnant and new...

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