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There’s A New Pathway to Special Education for Up to 300,000 California Children (

Photo by aldomurillo/iStock. To read more of Roxanne Chang and ChrisAnna Mink's article, please click here. A recently passed California law, SB1016 , signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom in September, should make it easier for DL and other children affected by FASD to access special education services. The law requires the California State Board of Education to include “fetal alcohol spectrum disorders” in the definition of “other health impairment ,” one of 13 specified eligibility criteria for...

We Won! (anonymous)

Author: To read the entire Anonymous article, please see the attachment below. It’s a bluebird sky day as the clouds float away leaving behind distinctive dry desert air scoured by sagebrush, tumbleweeds and settled sand. As for me, I cozily sit in a floral patterned recliner by an open window drinking in hot tea and cold air from the open window. Biscuit “puppy purrs'' wedged between the arm rest and me. Her features are concealed by white fur giving her the appearance of a couture throw...

Newsom signs bill to boost Native American curriculum (

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians annually hosts thousands of fourth graders at a California Indian Cultural Awareness conference commemorating California Native American Day in September. COURTESY PHOTO Author: Beau Yarbrough's article, please click here. California educators will be working more closely with Native American tribes under a new law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday. Assembly Bill 1703, the California Indian Education Act, encourages school districts, county offices...

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