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Plans afoot to bring stability to PACEs Connection

To all of you, who, like me, love this website and want to see it and its communities flourish as we work to prevent and heal trauma; build resiliency: please know there is a move afoot by a small group of strategic partners to find a suitable host for PACEs Connection. More will be announced in the coming days. In the meantime, friends, we are figuring out email addresses and other communications logistics and opportunities. PEACE! Carey Sipp, former director of strategic partnerships ...

Our Trauma-Resilient Educational Communities (TREC) Model's website launched on 1.25.24 with our Award Ceremony!

The culmination of thousands of hours from our Trauma-Resilient Educational Communities (TREC) team in developing our TREC Model, we launched website on Thursday, January 25, 2024. Craig Beswick, Vice-President, School Development Division, Lifelong Learning Administration Corporation (LLAC) opened up our exciting launch, which was hosted by the beautiful UCSD Park & Market in downtown San Diego. Craig warmly welcomed over 200 attendees to our Awards Ceremony and TREC...

Congratulations to Principal Victor Contreras and Principal Mary Reagan for your team’s dedication and heart-centered work in becoming a TREC Accredited Trauma-Resilient Organization.

Over seventy-five colleagues celebrated on January 29, 2024, at Lifelong Learning Administration Corporation. Food was provided by BJ’s Catering, and some of the TREC Team, Craig Beswick, Vice-President School Development Division, TREC Director, Staci Roth, and Dana Brown, PACEs Science Statewide Facilitator were in attendance supporting the TREC Accreditation. Craig Beswick excitedly awarded Principal Mary Reagan for Desert Sands, Lake LA and AVLA Palmdale 5th Street. Danyale Wallin...

How Can High Schools Better Serve Teens Experiencing Homelessness? (

To read more of the Learning Newsletter's article, please click here. This week, 16-year-old Joey will sleep in a soft bed, take a warm shower and have a place to keep his belongings. He’ll then make his way to Learn4Life high school in San Diego where he is catching up on credits and hopes to graduate soon. For most of the past year, he has experienced homelessness…couch surfing when he could, and on the streets when he couldn’t. And Joey isn’t alone. In the last school year, the number of...

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