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4 Ways The Pandemic Can Grow Your Character And Career (


The pandemic has created a lot of heartbreak, fear and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among the workforce. On top of our personal woes, many employees have grappled with fears of loved ones and themselves contracting Covid-19, not to mention the isolation and burnout of remote working and helping children with schoolwork. Although many of us have endured a lot of stress and mental health challenges, there’s good news on the horizon, known as post-traumatic growth (PTG)—the benefits and positive changes that occur from grappling with highly challenging life crises and adversity.

Post-Traumatic Growth

Thrive Global founder and CEO, Arianna Huffington, said of the pandemic, “Navigating the new normal isn’t just about looking out; it’s about looking in.” Many people have described their struggles with adversity, forcing them to mine their inner reserves, face threats and come out stronger on the other side in their personal and professional lives.

Studies of trauma survivors show that adversity—as counter-intuitive as it sounds—can actually have certain benefits:

  • Help us see we’re stronger than we thought
  • Bring new appreciation and meaning to our lives
  • Change our priorities
  • Take us deeper into our spirituality
  • Deepen the closeness we feel toward ourselves and others

Four Areas Of Benefits To The Pandemic

A new study—the first of its kind—examined the positive effects of the coronavirus and its potential for post-traumatic growth. The research surveyed 385 people in Portugal and the United Kingdom during the first wave of Covid-19. Although the respondents reported considerable adversity, 88.6% also cited four areas of PTG during the pandemic and lock down.

  1. 48% described the development of closer, more meaningful family relationships.
  2. 22% cited a greater appreciation of life, adoption of a healthier and slower lifestyle with less stress and more present-moment awareness.
  3. 16% noted spiritual growth, a greater appreciation for others and a stronger sense of community as people helped one another.
  4. 11% said they embraced new opportunities and possibilities including better work/family balance, positive changes in remote working, plus an opportunity to learn new skills.

To read more of Dr. Bryan Robinson's article, please click here.

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