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November 2021

Healing From Trauma (

Glasswing International teaches Latin American communities to understand and recover from the impacts of trauma induced by chronic and acute violence. The Northern Triangle countries of Latin America are some of the most violent in the world. El Salvador and Honduras have ranked among the highest murder rates for years. It’s not only the gang violence we hear most about, but also domestic abuse and gender-based violence. And the trauma it leaves behind has a devastating effect on entire...

Gentle Men: The Healing Power of Vulnerability (

Growing up, I was taught that traditional male attributes are things like toughness, emotional reserve, strength, power, and staunch individualism. This image of a “traditional man” feeds into once-clear-cut roles like winner and provider . Edward M. Adams and Ed Frauenheim suggest that this version of masculinity is confined : both limited and limiting. In their 2020 book, Reinventing Masculinity , Adams and Frauenheim write, “Confined masculinity focuses more on a man’s sense of...

Examples of Current Trauma-Informed Judicial Systems

Please join us for a new series entitled: Trauma-Informed Criminal Justice. This monthly virtual Zoom series will feature conversations facilitated by Porter Jennings-McGarity, PACEs Connection’s criminal justice consultant, with special guests to discuss the need for trauma-informed criminal justice system reform. Using a PACEs-science lens, this series will examine the relationship between trauma and the criminal justice system, what needs changing, and strategies being used in this area...

Heridas Ocultas Causadas por el Racismo y ACEs (la Iniciativa ACE Aware/Hannah Institute)

Heridas Ocultas Causadas por el Racismo y ACEs | Esto es una repetición de la sesion del 30 de septiembre titulada Heridas del Trauma Racial y experiencias adversas en la infancia o ACEs por sus siglas en inglés Adverse Childhood Experiences: Encontrando Esperanza y Sanando en Conexión Relacional. UEVES, 11 DE NOVIEMBRE 5:00 - 7:00 PM (PST) Acompañanos Dirigido por la Dr. Noriega, quien es una socia del Programa de Investigación de Trauma Infantil de la Universidad de California en San...

Tax Equality for Immigrants: The Indispensable Ingredient for Remedying Child Poverty in the United States (JMHS)

Executive Summary Both at the federal and state levels, tax credits have proved effective policy instruments to combat poverty, and they are at the heart of President Biden’s massive initiative on childhood poverty. However, about one of every five children suffering poverty in the United States has an unauthorized immigrant parent and thus little or no access to tax credits. That is nearly two million children, and 85 percent of them are US citizens. Achieving historic reductions in...

Facing Up to the Racist Legacy of America's Immigration Laws []

By Reece Jones, The New York Times, October 28, 2021 The searing images of Border Patrol agents on horseback charging at unarmed Haitian men and women shocked many Americans last month, including President Biden. Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, said , “He believes the footage and photos are horrific. They don’t represent who we are as a country.” Many Democrats made the same argument during the Trump administration, condemning a series of harsh anti-immigrant policies, from the...

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