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Wichita State University Community Engagement Institute - PACEs Connection (KS)

Kansas PACEs Connection is dedicated to connecting and supporting organizations, systems, and communities who are interested in better understanding the prevalence of ACEs and trauma, recognizing the impact that these have on individual and organizational health, and developing policies and practices that promote resiliency and healing.

Blog Posts

Our Trauma-Resilient Educational Communities (TREC) Model's website launched on 1.25.24 with our Award Ceremony!

The culmination of thousands of hours from our Trauma-Resilient Educational Communities (TREC) team in developing our TREC Model, we launched website on Thursday, January 25, 2024. Craig Beswick, Vice-President, School Development Division, Lifelong Learning Administration Corporation (LLAC) opened up our exciting launch, which was hosted by the beautiful UCSD Park & Market in downtown San Diego. Craig warmly welcomed over 200 attendees to our Awards Ceremony and TREC...

10 Ways to Create PCEs this Holiday Season

2023 has been a year full of wonderful opportunities to share the HOPE framework with partners from across the state and 2024 promises to be even better. I'd like to take a moment to share with you a 2022 blog post from the HOPE National Resource Center that is a great example of opportunities to infuse Positive Childhood Experiences into our everyday lives. Here's wishing you a safe and restful holiday season! Originally posted by Tufts HOPE on 12/08/22: School is out for the holidays, and...

Spread HOPE in your Community!

Positive experiences can ease toxic stress and help children and youth grow into more resilient, healthy adults. Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences (HOPE) identifies ways that our communities and systems of care can better ensure that all children have more positive experiences and that all families have support to nurture and celebrate their strengths. The HOPE National Resource Center utilizes a national network of facilitators to collaborate with local partners to create a...

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