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Wrestling Ghosts has a TED Talk for you - and more!


Hi ACEs community!

In case you haven’t already seen it, the Wrestling Ghosts team wanted to share with you a TED Talk we recently came across that we love. Called: “Daring to Question the Way We Raise Children,” this talk explores strategies and opinions by Ruth Beaglehole, founder of Echo Parenting. We think a lot of you guys would find it really interesting, so check it out!

The Wrestling Ghosts team is so thankful for the connections we’ve already made within the ACEs community. Our film is about healing, and moving towards a more compassionate world. Working with a group of people so devoted to ACEs awareness has been inspiring. The Wrestling Ghosts team is just getting started in our outreach campaign, and we are looking to stick around as a source for healing education. Check in with us regularly to see what resources we’re offering! You can follow us on Instagram, on Twitter, and like us on Facebook for updates.

We know many of you are already working on creating trauma-informed community in your area: please get in touch! Our goal is to support YOUR work. We hope to help providers create community AND to help anyone who doesn’t know where to start finding right kind of support! If you are a trauma-informed provider, please fill out this form on the Wrestling Ghosts website.

The Wrestling Ghosts team

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