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Teachers notice rise in homelessness among kids (

Nationwide, public schools identified 1.5 million children experiencing homelessness in the 2017-2018 school year, an increase of 11% from the previous school year, according to a report released in January by the National Center for Homeless Education (NCHE). A small portion of those students are living in unsheltered situations, such as cars, parks, streets or bus stations, a segment that more than doubled from the previous school year. Homeless students in emergency shelters or...

Addressing the Educational Gap in Whittier []

By Neighborhood Data for Social Change, February 10, 2020 The California Department of Public Health reported in 2017 that completing a formal education is a crucial step on the pathway to securing fulfilling employment that can provide food, housing, transportation and other livelihood improvements essential to a healthy life. However, educational attainment differs across economic and racial lines. Since 2003, the achievement gap in California between low-income students and their more...

Over 1 Million Children Live in Low-Income Neighborhoods in California (

Research has shown that the type of neighborhood low-income children live in can influence their health. Children who live in low-income neighborhoods are less likely than those in more affluent areas to have access to quality public schools, healthy food, medical care and green spaces to play, said Scot Spencer, associate director for advocacy and influence at the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which released the report. Researchers found, in an analysis of the most recently available U.S.


By Becky Gershon, July 16, 2019 for California Food Bank Association The law will help Californians, especially newly eligible SSI recipients, quickly access & maximize CalFresh benefits. On July 12 th , Governor Newsom signed into law AB 494 – authored by anti-hunger champion Assemblymember Marc Berman. The California Association of Food Banks was a co-sponsor of this legislation, in partnership with the Western Center on Law and Poverty, and the Coalition of California Welfare Rights...

Childhood Poverty Series from KQED News

Dear Kidsdata Community, A new series from National Public Radio affiliate, KQED News, examines the role of public policy in addressing poverty among California’s children and their families. Kidsdata, in partnership with the Population Reference Bureau (PRB), took a new look at poverty data and provided them for several articles. The articles delve into poverty among infants under three years old and focus on Merced County, an area of particular concern but also great potential. In...

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