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I can agree with that when it comes to life and especially to life with cancer. But I keep wondering what is hardship anyway? What’s hard? What’s easy? It’s so subjective and varies by person and circumstance. What I do know is I was uncomfortable and unprepared for my PleurX surgery procedure even though it was done at my request. A PleurX is a type of chest tube that can be used at home, allowing me to drain the malignant fluid that keeps accumulating in my right lung due to...

Care Coordination is Key to Children’s Mental Health Equity: Read Our New Brief and Hold MCOs Accountable

Dear Friends and Allies, California is at a historic intersection of unprecedented new resources for children’s mental and behavioral health, and an opportunity to insist on equity in who receives, delivers, and is paid for children’s mental health services. On June 1st, the state released its draft Request for Proposal (RFP) which we hoped would clearly outline what is expected of Medi-Cal Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), including how they would be held accountable to provide required...

How PACEs Connection Members can watch Wrestling Ghosts this weekend

Wrestling Ghosts is the fourth and final film in the Transform Trauma with ACEs Science Film Festival series and is available to all PACEs Connection member this weekend. To watch any time from Friday, June 11th through Sunday, June 13th, 2021: Join the Transform Trauma with ACEs Science Film Festival interest-based community on PACEsConnection Go to this blog post to find the link and the password to stream Wrestling Ghosts. There will be a follow-up discussion on June 15, 2021 at 7 p.m.

Community Leader Tip #1: Learn How to Understand and Make Arguments

Hi. I'm Alison Cebulla and many of you may know me as a Community Facilitator at PACEs Connection of the Northeast, Midatlantic, Southwest, and International Communities. I also produce our A Better Normal series and other live Zoom events. Many burgeoning community leaders ask me, "what can I do to make a bigger difference?" This is a big question with no one right answer. So I'm going to start writing small pieces with little tips that can help. Community Leader Tip #1 My life changed...

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Hello, everyone! I am in need of some assistance. I am working on a study and need to find a medium to large public school district in California that uses ACEs to assess students for trauma. I would prefer to work with middle and high schools, but I am deep in this work and hit a snag. If you are in such a district, or know of one, please let me know. Thank you!Read More...
Hello: I'm a recent MPH graduate who is interested in working on ACEs. The more I learn about the effects of trauma and chronic stress, the more it changes my worldview and makes me want to do something about it. Part of the reason why I moved to California in 2019 was to get involved in the incredible work that you're doing around ACEs. I'm currently living in Sacramento and working in contact tracing, but would appreciate any advice that you can offer to help me find a career path in the...Read More...
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Support SB 428 to expand ACEs Screenings Coverage!

We are pleased to report that SB 428 (Hurtado) passed out of Senate Health and the bill is in the Senate Appropriations Committee. This bill is co-sponsored by the California Medical Association and Children Now. This bill would expand coverage of ACEs trauma screenings beyond Medi-Cal, to patients covered by commercial health insurance plans by requiring plans to reimburse for the service when it is provided. We would like to request letters of support from your organizations in support of...Read More...
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As staff at PACEs Connection, Porter Jennings and I are interested in starting a PACEs Connection Community for the Latinx community that is focused on providing information and resources on trauma and resiliency within this community. We are looking for someone who would be interested in serving as the Community Manager for the community site along with Porter and I. If you are interested please comment below!Read More...
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