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California PACEs Action

October 2022

Can government policy reduce trauma?

One of the most radical implications of the literature on early childhood trauma is that abuse needs to be eliminated from all of our relationships—with our families, teachers, colleagues, and government . When government leaders create a new policy, they can proceed in a way that dis-empowers constituents, or they can proceed in a way that fosters dialogue and shared decision-making. Ironically, the development and implementation of California’s policy to address childhood trauma provides...

48-Hour Historical Trauma Specialist Certification Program- COHORT 1 & 2

NOT TOO LATE FOR COHORT 1!! Also registering for COHORT 2!! New!! 48-HOUR HISTORICAL TRAUMA SPECIALIST CERTIFICATION in collaboration with THE INTERNATIONAL HISTORICAL TRAUMA ASSOCIATION We are the only entity offering a comprehensive, 48-hour Historical Trauma Specialist Certification Program. The Program is broken into 6 levels and is built on a foundation of BIPOC cultures and neurobiology. It is taught from a multicultural perspective, injecting traditions and ideology from various...

Join us for the OCTOBER 2022 round of Creating Resilient Communities!

JOIN US! October event dates are now up for the FREE PACEs Connection Creating Resilient Communities Accelerator Program. if you have already taken the required first event, you'll receive an email with zoom links. If not, save the date for the events you want to join, and take the next Introduction to PACEs Connection webinar ASAP! (Offered 10/13 and 10/24)

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