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Register now! Oct. 12, 2022—Connecting Communities One Book at a Time webinar with Donna Jackson Nakazawa on “Girls on the Brink: Helping our Daughters Thrive in an Era of Increased Anxiety, Depression and Social Media”


October 12, 2022, from 3-4:30 p.m. ET Register now!

Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 3.20.08 PMMeet longtime friend of PACEs Connection and award-winning author, science journalist, and international speaker Donna Jackson Nakazawa as she shares insights and findings from her newest book, “Girls on the Brink: Helping our Daughters Thrive in an Era of Increased Anxiety, Depression and Social Media”. Her seven books explore the intersection of neuroscience, immunology, and human emotion, and are in 12 languages.

Register now to join our conversation with Nakazawa and be sure to invite your friends so we can all learn how to support our daughters, sisters, nieces, students, and friends in this stressful and toxic time for girls. You can also learn how to lead your own book study.

Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 3.28.42 PMPACEs Connection’s Connecting Communities One Book at a Time initiative brings communities together around books that help us have critical conversations about positive and adverse childhood experiences, racism, inequity, and how communities can prevent and heal trauma and create resiliency.

Praise for “Girls on the Brink”

Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 5.13.21 PM

“This is a brave and important book; the challenging stories—both personal and scientific—will make you think, and, hopefully, act.”

—Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD, New York Times bestselling co-author of “What Happened to You?”

“Some books translate science into understandable language; some offer advice in the form of actionable steps; and some weave stories that grab you by the heart. This one—miraculously—does all three.”—Cara Natterson, MD, bestselling author of “The Care and Keeping of You 2” and “Decoding Boys”.

“A perceptive, informative examination of the problems young American girls face and how to change them . . . All of the author’s advice is sound, and her insights into how to start the process of change make this an important book for parents of girls.”—Kirkus Reviews

“The smart analysis and wealth of neuroscientific and psychological research adds nuance to public discourse around girls’ mental health. . . . Timely and incisive, this issues an acute warning that the kids are not alright.”Publishers Weekly

From the book cover:

Anyone caring for girls today knows that our daughters, students, and girls next door are more anxious and more prone to depression and self-harming than ever before. The question that no one has yet been able to credibly answer is “Why?”

Now we have answers. As award-winning writer Donna Jackson Nakazawa deftly explains in Girls on the Brink, new findings reveal that the crisis facing today’s girls is a biologically rooted phenomenon: The earlier onset of puberty mixes badly with the unchecked bloom of social media and cultural misogyny. When this toxic clash occurs during the critical neurodevelopmental window of adolescence, it can alter the female stress-immune response in ways that derail healthy emotional development.

About the author:

Donna Jackson Nakazawa is an award-winning science journalist and author of seven books. Her work explores the intersection of neuroscience, immunology, and human emotion; her mission is to explore the science of the mind-body connection and harness it for healing.

Nakazawa’s other books include “The Angel and the Assassin: The Tiny Brain Cell That Changed the Course of Medicine”, named one of the best books of 2020 by Wired magazine; “Childhood Disrupted, a finalist for the Books for a Better Life Award; and “The Last Best Cure”.

Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 6.05.22 PM

Her writing has appeared in magazines and newspapers including Wired, The Boston Globe, Stat, The Washington Post and Health Affairs. She has appeared on The Today Show and National Public Radio, and is a regular speaker at universities, including the Harvard Division of Science Library Series, Rutgers University, the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, the Peace & Justice Institute, Learning and the Brain, and Johns Hopkins University.

For her writing on health and science, she received the AESKU lifetime achievement award and the National Health Information Award.

Nakazawa is also the creator and founder of the narrative writing-to-heal program, “Your Healing Narrative, which uses a process called Neural Re-Narrating™ to help participants recognize and override their brain’s old thought patterns and internalized stories to create a new, more powerful, inner healing narrative that calms the body, brain, and nervous system.

For more information about the Connecting Communities One Book at a Time initiative, please contact Carey Sipp, PACEs Connection's director of strategic partnerships at

Registration for this Zoom webinar is through eventbrite.


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