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Register Now! Cooperative of Communities and the RYSE Center Present: Radical Inquiry Session


Join the RYSE Center and PACEs Connection on July 12. 2022 from 10 am-1 pm PT / 12 pm-3 pm CT / 1 pm-4 pm ET to examine how conventional social science research often produces and replicates unjust and harmful narratives about Black, Indigenous, Youth of Color (BIPOC) capacities, priorities, dreams, and needs. At the same time, research upholds and enables white, middle-class norms and values as the standard of achievement, success, and health.

From the website: “RYSE works to reimagine, uplift, and uphold metrics of liberation - where resilience is the baseline, not the benchmark, where systems are held accountable for their allocation and delivery of love, belonging, and reparations - liberation.

“Towards liberation, we employ radical inquiry (RI) - intentional, active, and ongoing inquiry that allows and requires us to listen deeply to Black and Indigenous Youth of Color (BYOC), question how well systems, policies, and programs are meeting their needs, interests, and desires, and build a movement toward reimagined alternatives, toward liberation.”

During this session, RYSE will share more about their key beliefs and practices and the application of radical inquiry across our work.

Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 10.00.29 AM“The worldwide PACEs movement has illuminated the impact of intergenerational trauma and historical trauma on children, families, and societies. More than ever, it is imperative that we address the real cost of institutional racism. In my experience as a volunteer, practitioner, and community facilitator in the Midwest for PACEs Connection, and now as CEO of PACEs Connection, I have found that institutions, organizations, and PACEs initiatives struggle to address the inequity and disparity in communities of color, specifically African American, Indigenous, and Latino communities. This workshop is an opportunity to begin the journey of doing this important work.”

-Ingrid L. Cockhren, M.Ed. CEO PACEs Connection

COST:  $150 - General Registration

FREE - Cooperative of Communities Network Members




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