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Introducing our Children and Families Displaced by War and Violence resources


It is sad that it was the war in Ukraine that prompted our wanting to create a resource guide for children and families displaced by war and violence, because war, violence, displacement have been going on as long as long as the earth has been inhabited by humans. Estimates announced in May 2022 put the number of forcibly displaced people at 100 million, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). “The number of forcibly displaced people worldwide rose to 90 million by the end of 2021, propelled by new waves of violence or protracted conflict in countries including Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Myanmar, Nigeria, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 2022, the war in Ukraine has displaced 8 million within the country this year and forced around 6 million to leave the nation.”

Thus, we are introducing this resource keeping in mind all people affected by ongoing conflicts in this world.

The resources that you’ll find HERE share truths about the consequences of trauma. We have also searched for resources that will help providers of services, caregivers, parents, and children themselves help each other begin the process of healing and starting anew.

To explore these resources, please click Children and Families Displaced by War and Violence.

We encourage you to explore the resources and share them with colleagues and friends who have either experienced war and violence or are in a position to offer support and assistance to those who have.

We know the resources are not comprehensive, and we would love to hear from you if you know of additional items that should be added. Please keep in mind that resources should not be specific to any single conflict or region and that we are looking for timeless pieces, such as research articles, handbooks, toolkits, and websites with tools that providers, caregivers, and families can use. Please email or with suggestions.

Thank you to Carey Sipp, Mindy Atwood, and Natalie Audage for their contributions to this project.

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