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Creating Resilient Communities in 2024: The Year of Cultivating Resilient Networks Through Healing Centered Cultural Wisdom


Since the inception of the CRC Accelerator certification program in 2022, many participants in our program across various fields such as healthcare, education, nonprofit, and grassroots organizations, have come to learn that collective care begins with self care, a value we draw directly from our organization’s mission. Through the continued practice of regulating the nervous system, getting rest, eating healthy foods, being creative, and enjoying natural environments, we increase our capacity to heal, grow with others, and center the most impacted communities. As we head into our full CRC curriculum this January, we invite current and future CRC Accelerator participants to join us with collective care and self care in mind.


This year, the limitless possibilities of fellowship, meaningful relationships, and purpose-driven network building that values healing centered cultural wisdom is our North Star. Brick-by-brick relationship building blocks will continue to be a pillar of self care, strength, team-building, interventions, and transformation throughout the CRC Accelerator and among our new CRC Fellows. We aim to model the balance between collective care and self care, and create environments where we can grow at our own PACE.

To kickstart the year with inspiration, here are a few inspiring takeaways from our CRC members that remind us when perfection fails, progress prevails:

“PACES offers a plethora of world class resources and training for FREE! This site is a powerful catalyst in the trauma-informed movement. I am so grateful for these opportunities to grow as an educator and person.” —Jonathan Enix, Putnam County Schools, TN

“I’m inspired to learn about the many people involved with PACES around the world!” —Alison Hughey, MT-BC, Carolina Music Therapy

“I appreciate this introductory session to ensure that everyone is aware of how to access the available resources. I also liked the suggestions for proceeding through the courses. I’m particularly excited about the effect that understanding PACEs can have on advancing anti-racism work. So grateful for the work you all do!  Thank you!!”! —K Keese, MSW, Nashville, TN

Elevating teacher regulation as important to student regulation. Adults can’t model what they have not yet learned for themselves.” —Program participant

Hearing about the systemic changes that are already taking place in some schools gives me hope that this is truly a movement that is gaining ground.” —Program participant

Program Summary

The PACEs 16-hour Creating Resilient Communities (CRC) accelerator certification program is focused on supporting and developing individual advocates and organizational agents of change in transforming their communities and organizations using PACEs science, trauma-informed awareness and resilience frameworks.

The CRC accelerator will cover fundamental topics such as understanding PACEs science, community organizing, multi-sector collaboration, and strategic planning; as well as several timely topics. Participants who complete all events in the series will receive a Certificate of Completion and will qualify for PACEs Connection fall 2023 fellowship program.

What’s new in January

All CRC Accelerator events resume in January and we kick off the CRC Fellowship. The CRC Fellowship application process available to graduates of the CRC Accelerator program comes to a close on December 31, 2023. The CRC Fellowship supports Fellows to continue to explore trauma-informed transformation through healing centered and relationship building practices, antiracism, DEI(B), and cross sector collaboration. CRC Accelerator graduates that join the CRC Fellowship will utilize the Growing Resilient Communities framework to further develop PACEs initiatives. Stay tuned for news about an Ask Me Anything (AMA) this quarter.

For added inspiration this January, the CRC has recently been accepted as a Grow with Google partner. After carefully considering important feedback about skill building, we learned our members are interested in learning and development to strengthen digital skills that can help them organize, mobilize, and build momentum for PACEs initiatives in their communities and organizations. A limited number of GRC program participants interested in additional digital skills will now have access to additional training, program materials, and dedicated support for additional certifications in marketing, AI, and cybersecurity through Google partners. While PACEs Connection manages the CRC program, Google partners will manage participants who sign up for additional training. As our first Grow with Google participants complete training, access to additional free certificates will become available through our program.

The CRC invites people who are as passionate about PACEs as we are to support and share our #GivingTuesday campaign to ensure our program stays free to the general public. This month is also an ideal time for members to visit Children and Families Displaced by War & Violence in the PACEs Connection resource center, a well researched resource that is free and available to the general public. For thought provoking inspiration, tune into the History. Culture. Trauma. podcast.

New to the CRC? Become a member and register for Introduction to PACEs Connection To Get Started

As a friendly reminder, attending Introduction to PACEs Connection is a required prerequisite of the CRC. There are several event dates available and you only need to attend ONE time. If you already attended, you will receive links for the remaining events via email. Registration links to the remaining introductory events are listed below. Click the registration link to choose from multiple options:
Introduction to PACEs Connection

Pick Up the CRC Accelerator Certification Program Where You Left Off, This January

Review a brief description of each event and this certification overview.

➤ Look out for the dedicated CRC newsletter with a list of event registration links.

➤ If you haven’t seen the list of events, you may want to check your bulk folder. Email if you haven’t received the list of events.

What 2023 CRC Grads Have to Say About the Accelerator

I appreciated the opportunity to learn about PCEs since traditional focus has been on ACEs. I found great value in the opportunities to learn from others who do resilience work with young adults.” —Grace Flagler

The CRC Accelerator program provided clear, practical insights, tools and strategies for engaging in trauma-informed work in multiple sectors, at multiple levels (individual, organizational, community), and with a focus on various specific aspects of the work (social justice, environmental justice, etc). Very worthwhile program!” —Melanie G. Snyder

I am always looking for TIC and PACEs graphics to utilize in my teaching. Resilience cannot happen without recognition of the harm experienced and passed across generations and communities. My work begins with each student I teach to look past the obvious patient in front of them to see the brokenness that influences their lives today, whether trauma, SDOH, poverty, homelessness, institutional injustice, etc. This is how we teach our patients to recover and live their best lives.” —Monica Morehead

As a psychology professor, learning more about social justice and advocacy has helped me develop more class assignments that get students involved in the community.” —Jessica Traylor

As a Part of the PACEs Movement, It’s Raining Gratitude!

PACEs Connection is grateful that you’re as passionate about trauma-informed awareness and heart-centered resilience building through a PACEs lens as we are. Our science is for everyone who wants to create, grow, and sustain resilient communities. We also know access matters. Thanks to the generosity of grants, Genentech sponsorship, and partners, the *CRC* Accelerator certification program is FREE. Pay it forward through this Click-to-Tweet link we created to make it easier to promote the CRC or share the CRC with your communities and workplaces.

Email Kahshanna Evans, Director of the CRC with any questions, at any time. The consultant staff at PACEs Connection look forward to seeing you soon!

About the author: Kahshanna Evans brings her passion for uniting people through stories and trauma-informed awareness to her role as the Director of Creating Resilient Communities at PACEs Connection. Kahshanna has been a leading strategic thinker in various industries, including communications, tech, professional services, and wellness.

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