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ACE True Healing Conference


I just wanted to let everyone know about an upcoming event which is going to be AMAZING!  The Santa Clara County chapter of the California Academy of Family Physicians is hosting an ACE Healing Conference on April 20, 2024 in San Jose.

We are going to be looking outside of the box for ways doctors can partner with the city government, houses of worship, recovery communities, coaches, and more to create resilient communities which both prevent and treat ACE-related trauma.  We are using the PCE framework.

Come and hear from world-class speakers and cutting edge scientists who are finding evidence-based ways to transform the lives of ACE-impacted people and families!

Doctors can receive 6.25 hours of CME.  We are also inviting other professionals who care for ACE-impacted people, in government, rehab, communities of faith, and nonprofits, among others.

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