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2 New Communities Join ACEs Connection: March 2020


Please welcome these two new communities to ACEs Connection.  

  1. ACEs & African Americans 
  2. ACEs Connection at Boston University School of Public Health (MA) 

ACEsACEs & African Americans This group is focused on the descendants of Africans dispersed throughout the Americas during the Transatlantic Slave Trades. Topics include adverse childhood experiences, historical trauma, intergenerational transmission of trauma, African American parenting practices, health disparities, the effects of racism, microaggressions and implicit bias, as well as resiliency and posttraumatic growth. Community Managers: @Ingrid Cockhren (PACEs Connection Staff) and @Maria Hamilton Abegunde

BUPHACEs Connection at Boston University School of Public Health (MA) We are a group of Boston University School of Public Health students, alumni, instructors, researchers and community members dedicated to educating about ACEs and promoting evidence-based trauma-informed interventions that build resilience. We seek to raise awareness and deepen understanding about the association of adverse childhood experiences and the lifelong impacts on mental health. Community Managers: @Caitlin Brand and @carol dolan

ACEs Connection Community Facilitators Support You & Your Initiatives
For questions about starting or growing an initiative, using our site and tools, please reach out to one of our regional contacts.

Communities in:  

mapFor more information on mapping the movement, please go here where you'll find more about all of our ACEs Connection geographic communities, U.S. states that have done ACE surveys, ACEs and trauma-informed legislation, and more. Be sure to click on each tab within the shinyapp to explore each community. The map is interactive and each dot includes a hyperlink and information about each initiative. 

Finally, last month, ACEs Connection founder, and ACEs Too High publisher, @Jane Stevens announced the Cooperative of Communities which offers "an additional layer of tools and guidelines, for ACEs initiatives that are more mature and join the Cooperative as affiliates." More details can be found here and here in the video below. 


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