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The Long Healing Arc of Developmental Trauma

"Shortly after my thirty-sixth birthday, I felt gripped by feelings of distress I could attach to nothing specific, an emotional state that initiated what has become a decades-long healing journey. Early on, my healing attempts were hit-and-miss, but over time, as I developed self-care practices and reached out to professionals as needed, I found that meaning replaced my anxiety and joy my despair." So begins the back-cover copy on Once Upon a Body: Creating Meaning, Peace, and Joy after...


As a clinician, researcher and policy specialist devoted to the prevention and treatment of the ill effects of child abuse and neglect (CAN) I read “Recommendations for Population-Based Applications of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study: Position Statement by the American College of Preventive Medicine” (Sherin KM, Stillerman A, Chandrasekar L, Went N, Niebuhr DW. Recommendations for Population-Based Applications of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study: Position Statement by the...

Examples of Current Trauma-Informed Judicial Systems

Please join us for a new series entitled: Trauma-Informed Criminal Justice. This monthly virtual Zoom series will feature conversations facilitated by Porter Jennings-McGarity, PACEs Connection’s criminal justice consultant, with special guests to discuss the need for trauma-informed criminal justice system reform. Using a PACEs-science lens, this series will examine the relationship between trauma and the criminal justice system, what needs changing, and strategies being used in this area...

Supporting Mental Well-Being through Child Care Settings - 9/30, 1:30-3:00 ET

A webinar offered by the Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice (CTIPP) Thursday, September 30, 1:30 - 3:00 pm EDT Register today . Addressing the mental health needs of child care providers and children in care is vital in the face of the pandemic, a population-level traumatic event. CTIPP is offering a "plug and play" framework to ease the process of developing a continuum of training, reflective coaching, and consultation to build the capacity for supporting relational health...

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