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Here's a place where you can review books, educational dvds and documentaries that relate to ACE concepts or trauma-informed practices. "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." ~ Nelson Mandela

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The Surviving Spirit Newsletter October 2023

The latest Surviving Spirit Newsletter - Hope, Healing & Help for Trauma, Abuse & Mental Health is out - It can be read online via this & you can also subscribe - or this - The Surviving Spirit Newsletter October 2023 Healing the Mind, Body & Spirit Through the Creative Arts, Education &...

Indigenomics 101: A new voice shows how to make room for First Nations at the economic table (

Indigenomics Institute founder Carol Anne Hilton describes the Indigenous approach to economics as one rooted in values rather than a slavish commitment to market orthodoxy. PHOTO BY YOUTUBE To read more of Kevin Carmichael's article, please click here. The North American bison herd was all but destroyed by European “hide hunters” in the early 1880s, but it’s still possible to sketch the animals’ former range from outer space. A satellite image of the nighttime sky over the Canadian Prairies...

Ask the Community

Hello, my trauma-informed colleagues, The good news is after seven years, with a five-year break (AKA stall-out), I have finally finished my new book and have titled it: It's Not About Food, Drugs, or Alcohol: It's About Healing Complex PTSD Although my book won't be available to the general public until its launch date on Feb 21 st , 2023, I am offering FREE advance reader copies to a limited amount of trauma-informed professionals this week. Below is a summary of what my book's about and...Read More...

Military Members Doing PACEs Work?

Hi, I am an Army veteran and social worker who works for the Department of Defense. The last time I posted on this platform was after I heard Jane speak at the International Attachment Conference in NYC in 2015. When I engaged here last, I asked if there were any military members doing PACEs work in healthcare. I got some great feedback. I would like to ask the question again, but this time a bit broader, are there any military service providers out there doing PACEs work - in our military...Read More...
Hello all, If you work with domestic violence victims, I would be grateful for your assistance completing a brief survey. I have decided to adapt my children’s book: "Monty's Day in Court: What to expect when you have to testify in court”, for children who may have to testify regarding domestic violence they have witnessed. Thank you valuable feedback and generosity in completing this survey: Thank you for the work that you do, Jessica Miles ...Read More...
Greetings everyone, I'm wondering if you might be able to help me. I'm the author and creator of an early chapter book series. The first book, "Milo and the Wisdom of the Sea" has been published and on the market, while the other four books are in varying stages of production. I'm curious if you would have ideas for greater distribution: radio shows, email distribution lists, publishers etc. I have a social media presence including Twitter , a blog , YouTube channel etc. But, the work and...Read More...
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