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Americans need to get better at taking sick days []

By Christine Emba, Illustration: Luci Gutiérrez/The Washington Post, The Washington Post, June 30, 2022 My regular editor is off this week because she has contracted covid-19. And I’m glad for her. Well, not glad about the covid — we may have vaccines and Paxlovid now, but I wouldn’t wish that still-mysterious disease on anyone. Yet the actual taking of a few sick days, even while working remotely? That I respect. Because doing so has become unusual , even though in reality it’s more...

Building A Trauma-Informed Culture

A trauma-informed culture understands the potential impacts of past trauma and is equipped to navigate these workplace impacts. This article explores a few more potential factors at play in working with those with past trauma. We will also introduce a few tools to help navigate the impacts of past trauma and build a trauma-informed culture in the workplace.

Talking About Mental Health at Work

Despite the importance of vulnerability at work to promote a trauma-informed environment, the stigma surrounding emotional vulnerability in the office is still running rampant. Mental health has become an increasingly popular topic of conversation in mainstream media, especially among high-profile athletes like Simone Biles and entertainers like Ariana Grande. This shift towards mental health awareness hasn’t transitioned as quickly among business leaders—but it’s about time it did. Our...

A Nurse-Led, Well-Being Promotion Using the Community Resiliency Model, Atlanta, 2020–2021 []

By Ingrid M. Duva, Jordan R. Murphy, and Linda Grabbe, Photo: Unsplash, American Journal of Public Health, June 9, 2022 Abstract The wrath of COVID-19 includes a co-occurring global mental health pandemic, raising the urgency for our health care sector to implement strategies supporting public mental health. In Georgia, a successful nurse-led response to this crisis capitalized on statewide organizations’ existing efforts to bolster well-being and reduce trauma. Partnerships were formed and...

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