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A Peer Recovery Coach Walks The Frontlines Of The Opioid Epidemic []


Charlie Oen’s battle with addiction started when he was 16 and his family moved to Lima, Ohio. It was the last stop in a string of moves his military family made — from Panama to North Carolina, Kentucky, Texas and Germany.

“I went toward a bad group because those were the people that accepted me,” he says. Drugs became a substitute for real friendships.

He started drinking, popping pills, cooking meth and shooting heroin. He was homeless for a while when his parents kicked him out of the house. “I would just be wandering the streets of Lima at all hours of the night until I found somewhere, chilled, sat down, fell asleep in an alley,” he says.

[For more of this story, written by Bram Sable-Smith, go to http://californiahealthline.or...the-opioid-epidemic/]

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I read the article -- sounds like you are doing an incredible job.  I work with adults with substance abuse and mental health issues in Baltimore, MD and they could use someone like you.  If you are ever interested in helping them address underlying memories of childhood trauma that contributed to initial and continued drug use, please let me know.  I got over 70% of my patients off drugs and into a better life using a short intervention I developed.   Keep up the good work. hiddendoor

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