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Jeoff Gordon sees PACEs science, PACEs Connection playing a vital role in ‘relieving some of the most anguishing pain in our society.’

Note: PACEs Connection is in dire financial straits. We are asking for support, from you, our 57,586 members, to help cover the loss of foundation funding that was promised and did not come through. Pay and hours have been cut for our staff—most of us will be laid off for the month of December. Another grant will pick up in January, but we will still be underfunded. Since sounding the alarm this summer, we’ve raised about $26,000 . Thankfully, about 25% of new donors are making monthly...

The trailer for Savage Salvation provides a sobering look at the opioid crisis (

To access the trailer with Devin Nealy's post, please click here. Even though it's been a hot-button topic for years, it feels like Hollywood tries their best to avoid stories revolving around the opioid crisis. Don't get me wrong; we'll get a few projects that center on big pharma shamelessly peddling insanely addictive drugs, but we'll rarely get any narratives that focus on the people affected by opioids. It's easy to understand why Hollywood might be a little skittish when drafting tales...

National Center on Child Trafficking (NCCT) survey request: Voices from the Field: How can we improve treatment for trafficked and exploited youth?

We are reaching out to you from the National Center on Child Trafficking (NCCT), a new collaboration of professionals with expertise in child trauma and human trafficking that aims to improve the lives of impacted children and families and to support the professionals who serve them. The NCCT is inviting mental health and substance use treatment professionals who have worked with trafficked or exploited youth to participate in a national survey. The purpose of the survey is to learn more...

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