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Hi there -- I'm posting here on Ped community at the suggestion of a colleague who says this may be best way to find an adult primary care doc at Kaiser. 

I'm a passionate advocate for ACEs awareness, and a high-ACE-score kid who writes about childhood trauma. I'm also a Kaiser member in the Oakland/Richmond area, and I'm looking for a primary care doc who REALLY knows his/her stuff about emerging ACEs science. Happily, I am healthy today, but the health problems I've had in the past have been "ACE-y".  Likewise, my  work at resilience has led to wonderful health victories, yet these happen completely outside my PCP's awareness. I'd like to have a PCP who "gets it" and is interested -- in the vulnerabilities and the victories -- and who might possibly share with me new research, or even allow me to participate in studies that would advance our understanding of ACEs and health. 

I've observed that most KP docs are provided with basic education about ACEs, but not always at a level that matches what I'm seeking. I hoped the community might be able to point me toward the right person.

Thank you!

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I hope it's not too weird for me to reply to this two years later, and that it's OK for me to use this forum. I came across your post while doing a web search for another ACEs Connection issue. I'm curious, for several reasons if you ended up finding an ACEs-informed PCP in either of those Kaisers. I'm an internist in the Sutter system, now in Sacramento, but who grew up in Oakland, and whose dad spent his career working as an internist at Kaiser Oakland. I have become consumed with ACEs since I got bitten by the bug a year ago, and it has transformed how I practice medicine. A colleague and I have made it one of our missions to raise awareness for ACEs in the medical community, as the awareness is dismally low. We've mainly focused on our Sutter partners, but I'm curious as to what the awareness is within other health systems, such as Kaiser. If you have been fortunate enough to find an ACEs-aware PCP, I'd love to connect with them.

By the way, I very much appreciate your blogs and website; it is included on my handout that I give to my patients who have been affected by ACEs.

Again, I hope this forum is appropriate to use. Thanks!

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