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Chronic Illness, Adverse Pre-Onset Experiences (APOEs) and A Splinter Metaphor

This splinter story is an APOE metaphor, a term I have coined as "adverse pre-onset experiences" aka APOEs. This builds on the term for our knowledge that ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) influence risk for chronic illness. This is about how chronic illness starts for many of us within weeks or months of a stressful or traumatic event. And how we think, very normally, that this particular event is the cause...

17-year-old student transforms dementia care worldwide (

At the tender age of 12, Hemesh experienced a moment that would shape his future, a moment of sheer panic and realization that would drive him towards a remarkable mission. (CREDIT: Hemesh Chadalavada ) To read more of JD Shavit's article, please click here. In the summer of 2018, young Hemesh Chadalavada embarked on a heartwarming journey filled with cherished memories spent with his beloved grandmother, Jayasree, in their family home in Guntur, southern India. The days were adorned with...

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