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A Nurse-Led, Well-Being Promotion Using the Community Resiliency Model, Atlanta, 2020–2021 []

By Ingrid M. Duva, Jordan R. Murphy, and Linda Grabbe, Photo: Unsplash, American Journal of Public Health, June 9, 2022 Abstract The wrath of COVID-19 includes a co-occurring global mental health pandemic, raising the urgency for our health care sector to implement strategies supporting public mental health. In Georgia, a successful nurse-led response to this crisis capitalized on statewide organizations’ existing efforts to bolster well-being and reduce trauma. Partnerships were formed and...

Oregon Expands Postpartum Medicaid Coverage To One Year

In a wonderful step towards ensuring better care for postpartum parents, Oregon joins three other states in expanding postpartum Medicaid coverage to one year. Please head to to read the full article. This is thrilling and a significant step forward...

Caring for Refugee Women in the “Ellis Island of the South” []

By Talya Meyers, Photo: Friends of Refugees, Direct Relief, April 6, 2022 T he women began arriving from Afghanistan in October of 2021, spending time sequestered on a military base before being resettled in Clarkston, Georgia. “It was scary for those who were there…and then they evacuated, and they were in camps for months,” said Muzhda Oriakhil, a community liaison and new community engagement manager at Friends of Refugees, a Clarkston-based NGO that offers support to refugees resettling...

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