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Yeshiva University cancels all clubs after it was ordered to allow an LGBTQ group (

Spencer Platt/Getty Images Author: Joe Hernandez' article, please click here. Yeshiva University says it's pausing all student clubs on campus just days after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to block a lower court ruling that ordered the school to recognize an LGBTQ group. In an unsigned email to students, the New York City school said that, considering upcoming Jewish holidays, "the university will hold off on all undergraduate club activities while it immediately takes steps to follow the...

African-American History Finally Gets Its Own AP Class—And Historians Say It's More Important Than Ever (

Photo: From left to right: Poet and social activist Langston Hughes, Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, and novelist Toni Morrison. All three are among the Black luminaries taught as part of a new AP African American Studies course that is being piloted in high schools across the U.S. in 2022. © Getty Images (3) Author: Olivia B. Waxman's article, please click here. Only one of the high-schoolers in the majority-Black Tallahassee, Fla., class, which kicked off this month, recognized...

From Trauma to Resiliency: Trauma-Informed Practices for Working with Children, Families, Schools, and Communities (Routledge Textbook)

(Congratulations to Dr. Audrey Hokoda and Dr. Shulamit Ritblatt for their steadfast dedication as Editors of this textbook. Long-standing San Diego Trauma-Informed Guide Team (SDTIGT) member, there are more SDTIGT members who are co-authors. Congratulations to all contributors!) From Trauma to Resiliency: Trauma-Informed Practices for Working with Children, Families, Schools, and Communities Edited by Shulamit Natan Ritblatt, San Diego State University, California, USA and Audrey Hokoda ,...

UCF removes anti-racist statements from department websites (

The University of Central Florida has removed anti-racist statements from departmental websites, a move that one professor has decried as an “infringement on academic freedom” in the wake of the passage of a Republican-backed law that restricts how race can be taught. Ann Gleig, a religious studies professor, said in an email Wednesday that the anti-racist statement on the philosophy department’s website and those of other departments have been taken down. The philosophy department’s...

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