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Student Loan Borrowers Don’t Deserve ‘Forgiveness.’ They Deserve an Apology. []

By Rob Lieber, Illustration: Robert Neubecker, The New York Times, May 13, 2022 Let’s stop the conversation about student loan forgiveness and start one about the necessity of saying we’re sorry. After all, it’s not the borrowers who did anything wrong — it’s the country. We’re the ones who should be asking their forgiveness. Teenagers go to college because we tell them to. Many people in their 20s pursue graduate education because an advanced degree is what they need to prosecute criminals,...

Implementing Adverse Childhood Experience Screening in an Intensive Outpatient Mental Health Program []

By Bryan Amaro, Photo: Unsplash, University of San Diego, Digital USD, May 28, 2022 Background and Significance Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) have been well-studied for over 20 years, with the seminal research performed in San Diego, CA, through Kaiser Permanente and MD internist Vince Felitti in 1998. ACEs are potentially traumatic events that occur during childhood before 18 years of age (Felitti et al., 1998). The stress response is a normal part of life, and is the bodies response...

Harvard Creates Fund to Redress Its Ties to Slavery (

Harvard University is committing $100 million to study and redress its ties to slavery, the university’s president announced Tuesday, and with that money will create an endowed “Legacy of Slavery Fund,” which will continue researching and memorializing that history, working with descendants of Black and Native American people enslaved at Harvard, as well as their broader communities. With the announcement, Harvard joins many other universities — including Brown, Georgetown and Princeton...

Inmates in California prison can exit with a better chance of success due to first college behind bars (

Prison is supposed to serve two purposes: punishment and rehabilitation. But often prisoners emerge with the skills to be a better criminal and little knowledge on how to live an improved life. A prison in California is hoping to change the revolving door effect for some inmates by being the first to have a fully accredited junior college behind bars. At Mount Tamalpais College at San Quentin State Prison inmates can earn an Associate of Arts degree by taking classes in literature, American...

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