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Trauma-Responsive New Zealand

June 2021


March to Save our Children Saturday 26 June 2021 Aotea Square Auckland Central to TVNZ I am Child Advocacy NZ. I am Adriana van Altvorst I stand not as me but as WE Children and whanau have been harmed from those who have been paid by US through our taxes to protect our children. Those with the power to STOP the harm or to ADDRESS that harm. They Know, they have known, they know now BUT still they do not hear our cries for things to change Who are they? Oranga Tamariki Ministry of Education...

Bad things happen to GOOD people in NZ

Bad things happen to GOOD people I stood behind Sam because I support him You need to as well Sam's story is so unbelievable that you may think it did not happen I can say that I have seen the evidence It is all true It shows how Oranga Tamariki social workers inaccurately labeled Sam based on his appearance and shared that inaccurate information with other agencies to split his family apart while he and his partner were facing the imminent death of their son, Titaha This was an abuse of...

Silence divides us. Speaking up unifies us

Silence divides us Speaking up unites us By speaking up By telling our stories We are seen and heard By listening we discover we are not alone The media has a responsibility to report the truth To give people the opportunity to speak up So that the public is informed Sadly, many of our major media providers in NZ do not report many stories of child abuse and harm to our children and harm done to parents who protect their children and to advocates fighting to address the harm done to our...

New Research Publication on ACEs in New Zealand & Later Victimization in Adulthood

A new peer-reviewed publication featured in the July 2021 Volume 117 of the Journal of Child Abuse & Neglect confirms the high prevalence of ACEs in New Zealand across all sociodemographic groups, the disproportionate prevalence of ACEs among individuals who identified as Māori, and the relationship between ACEs and IPV in adulthood. This publication, entitled "ACEs in New Zealand and Subsequent Victimization in Adulthood..." by Fanslow et al., supports the need to address ACEs in New...

Lake Alice Child and Adolescent Unit public hearing – 14 to 30 June in Auckland

Lake Alice Child and Adolescent Unit public hearing – 14 to 30 June in Auckland The Lake Alice Child and Adolescent Unit public hearing will be in Auckland at Level 2, 414 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket, Auckland (entrance from Kingdon st) from 14-30 June. The hearing will focus on evidence about abuse of children and young people in the care of the Child and Adolescent Unit at Lake Alice psychiatric hospital in the 1970s. We will investigate what happened, and why it happened. We are also...

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