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Trauma-Responsive New Zealand

March 2023

Transparency trumps Legal Privilege - Judge Mallon Pike River Mine NZ

Transparency trumps Legal Privilege - Judge Mallon Pike River Mine I believe this decision is monumental for those seeking accountability from the State TV One News had an exclusive on this story For those living in NZ: Watch TV One news at six Sunday 26 March 2023 on TVNZ on demand The ruling will be discussed on the Breakfast Show on TV One on 27 March 2023 from 7.06 am Transparency is in the best interests of Justice to ensure the integrity of the administration of Justice is seen to be...

Through death comes learning and growth

Warning: it may be triggering Below is a link to an article from the NZ Herald today It triggered me Because I have lived it Many others have too We remained silent Thanks to the NZ Herald journalist, Carolyn Meng-Yee And his wife lives on with her memories I hope that Pua's wife gets all the support she needs I thank her for having the courage and strength to share her journey with us So that we can take time to reflect and learn I am sending her all my aroha and awhi to surround her to...

Wahoo traction ~ NZ is reaching out to get Trauma Informed

I attended Global Resiliency Accelerator group on Tuesday 7 March 2023 at 6 am NZTime hosted by Warren Larkin and Becky Haas. I was smiling this morning ~ Great News I heard New Zealanders are reaching out to attend Trauma-informed programmes and Warren Larkin has visited New Zealand to work with others here in NZ Warren Larkin shared this report with us this morning He Oranga Ngakau ~ Maori Approaches to Trauma-Informed Care He Oranga Ngākau is a research project funded by the Health...

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