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August 2023

Program helps teens navigate education, parenthood (

(Spectrum News/ Zarina Khairzada) To read more of Zarina Khairzada's article, please click here. LOS ANGELES — Babies in the classroom? That’s a reality for parenting and pregnant students at Learn4Life’s Alta Vista Innovation High School in Inglewood, taking part in the Helping Our Parenting-students Excel (HOPE) Program . The program provides students with a safe space for parents to watch their children as they complete credits needed to graduate. It’s also common to see supervising...

New Transforming Trauma Episode: Helping Youth Thrive in a Time of Anxiety, Depression, and Social Media With Donna Jackson Nakazawa

These are challenging times to maintain physical and mental well-being, so much so that it’s increasingly difficult to encounter someone who isn’t struggling with some sort of significant medical and/or psychological challenge. On this episode of Transforming Trauma, Emily chats with award-winning journalist, author, speaker, and workshop facilitator Donna Jackson Nakazawa about her career at the intersection of neuroscience, immunology, and emotion. Emily and Donna discuss the impact of...

Man tells other dads to stop asking their wives one 'frustrating' question and to do this instead ( TikTok Sound advice for dads To read more of Heather Wake's article, please click here. Many dads out there have the best of intentions when it comes to supporting their wives. However, those intentions can get easily turned askew with a single question: “Is there anything I can do?” Most likely any mom or default parent reading this sentence is instantly triggered by a time when they were asked this less-than-helpful question, which actually does little to take any load off.


Foster care is a crucial system designed to provide temporary homes and care for children who are unable to live with their biological families. While foster care aims to offer stability and support, the experience can be emotionally complex for children. One emotion that often plagues foster children is guilt. Guilt can arise from a range of circumstances and can significantly impact a child's emotional well-being and overall development. This article delves into the various sources of...

Review of “First 60 Days” booklet: Leveraging author’s work and movement could spark revolution to prevent and heal trauma, one precious baby, child, and caregiver at a time.

(This is a review of what I believe is an important new resource for the PACEs [for positive and adverse childhood experiences] science movement. Opinions expressed are my own, and are shared as a parent, advocate, author, and longtime student of trauma, healing, and prevention. Thoughts are also shared through my lens as someone who believes, deeply, in the incredible importance of and value in building healthier, more compassionate communities to support and nurture pregnant and new...

Introducing a practical and hands-on guide for clinicians working to improve emotion regulation of trauma-affected children

In Trauma-Informed Parenting Program: TIPs for Clinicians to Train Parents of Children Impacted by Trauma & Adversity , distinguished psychologist and renowned expert, Dr. Carryl P. Navalta, presents a practical and hands-on guide for clinicians working to improve emotion regulation of trauma-affected children. Readers will discover how to assess, conceptualize, and treat children dealing with the effects of exposure to various forms of trauma and adversity and to provide their clients'...

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