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These Mothers Were Exhausted, So They Met on a Field to Scream (


Jan. 23, 2022

The pandemic has been relentless for mothers, many of whom have been stuck in an endless cycle of work and child care. Some Massachusetts mothers gathered to do something about it.

In Boston, many mothers were exhausted. The pandemic had been so draining that they wanted to scream.

But they had to hold it in because they had children to raise, careers to build and chores to finish. For nearly two years, they have been trapped.

But on a night this month, about 20 mothers ditched their duties. They left their children and homes behind and headed to a high school football field.

One by one, they emerged from the shadows and gathered at the 50-yard line.

They stood in a circle under the soft lights, and for 20 glorious minutes they screamed and screamed and screamed, said Sarah Harmon, a therapist, yoga teacher and mother who organized the gathering.

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