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Six Signs Your Brain is Dysregulated (and Ten Steps to Get Re-Regulated Again)


Adults who experienced early trauma are prone to dysregulation of the brain and nervous system, especially in response to stress. Dysregulation, in turn, can trigger (or exacerbate) depression, anxiety, illness, addiction and emotional outbursts. So clearly, learning to re-regulate is the first step in healing the effects of Childhood PTSD.

  • If you think you may be experiencing dysregulation, learn about common symptoms (as well as tenon-the-spot healing techniques) on this free download. 
  • Ready to deepen your understanding of dysregulation, and how it may be affecting you and your emotions? Register here for my upcoming, one-hour webinar on March 7!-- it's full of healing strategies that you can begin using right away to re-regulate your brain and emotions. (You can also click on the image below to register):Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 9.13.28 PM.png


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